Table of US GVWR classifications

US truck classDuty classificationWeight limit [1][8]Examples
Class 1Light truck0–6,000 pounds (0–2,722 kg)Dodge Dakota, Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger[9]
Class 2Light truck6,001–10,000 pounds (2,722–4,536 kg)Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ford F-150
Class 3Light truck10,001–14,000 pounds (4,536–6,350 kg)Ram 3500, GMC Sierra 3500, Ford E-350, Ford F-350, Hummer H1
Class 4Medium truck14,001–16,000 pounds (6,351–7,257 kg)Ram 4500, GMC 4500, Ford E-450, Ford F-450 [9], HINO 155 COE[10]
Class 5Medium truck16,001–19,500 pounds (7,258–8,845 kg)Ram 5500, GMC 5500, Ford F-550, International TerraStar [11], HINO 195 COE[12]
Class 6Medium truck19,501–26,000 pounds (8,846–11,793 kg)Chevrolet Kodiak C6500, Ford F-650, International Durastar [13], HINO 268 & 268A[14]
Class 7Heavy truck26,001–33,000 pounds (11,794–14,969 kg)Autocar ACMD, GMC C7500, Ford F-750 [15], HINO 338[16]
Class 8Heavy truck33,001 pounds (14,969 kg)+Autocar ACX, International WorkStar, Kenworth T600, Kenworth T660, Kenworth T680 Peterbilt 389[17] - Semi-trailer trucks fall into this category
Class 9Super-heavy / special duty truck33,001 pounds (14,969 kg)+Usually class 8 truck with special duty characteristics, e.g. - Autocar ACX 12x6, International WorkStar, Western Star 6900 (6900XD or 6900TS).[18][19][20][21][22]