Ciao guys,


Here some information to understand how works the CNH group diagnosis (Case Ag and Construction, New Holland Ag and Construction, Steyr, Fiat-Kobelco).

When you work on those makes keep in mind that if a specific model is not listed in our software the only alternative selection that we can try and provide is about the diesel injection system through the engine proprietary protocol, not the CNH one.

If a customer is looking for a system different from the diesel injection (as transmission, instrument panel, etc…) for a missing model there’s no chance to find an alternative selection to use:

every combination model/system has a specific (unique) configuration to load the parameters list, the fault list, all the activations and settings.

If you try to use an alternative selection you can have communication for a few because the ECMs addresses on the communication BUS are always the same but all the live data values and faults are wrong and after a while you have the “communication interrupted” or the “lost communication with the device” message.

Please if a customer ask for a vehicle model not listed open a new development request through iSupport don’t try to be connect on the vehicle.


Let me know if everything is clear and if you have questions about it.




Fabio Mazzon