ATTENTION: Bleed the system in the following order:

    1. Front Brake Caliper

    2. Rear Brake Caliper

Beginning of bleeding procedure:

NOTE: This procedure applies to both the front brake lever as well as the rear brake pedal

    1. Fill the brake fluid reservoir bringing to the maximum level.

    2. Reattach the sealing diaphragm to the reservoir and attach a transparent hose the the bleed nipple located on the brake caliper.

    3. Apply pressure to the brake control via the brake lever several times to increase the oil pressure inside the brake circuit.

    4. Upon pressurization of the brake system, keep the brake lever under load. 

    5. Open the bleed screw located on the caliper.

    6. Once the brake control has reached its full level of depression, close the bleed screw.

    7. Release the brake control lever.

    8. Top off the fluid in the reservoir if necessary.

    9. Repeat this procedure from step 3 until there are no air bubbles in the fluid coming from the tube.

Once completed you should check that the brake system is functioning properly. Adjust the lever / pedal if required.

WARNING: The makes and distinguishing signs of the vehicle manufacturers included in this document are only provided to inform the reader about the potential suitability of the said TEXA products to be used for the vehicles of the above-mentioned manufacturers. References to makes and models contained in this document are to be considered only as a rough guide. 

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