Information on problems with clearing the errors related to pollutant emissions


Following several reports regarding the difficulty to clear the errors related to pollutant emissions in this vehicle, below there on some clarifications on the problem.

In fact, in this series of vehicles, even after having deleted all the stored errors and checked that none reappear after a test drive, the warning lights in the driver's dashboard remain on.

Generally this problem is caused by an engine control unit malfunction.

Below there is a series of indications on how to try to solve the problem.


NOTE: Remember that repairing fhe devices related to the antipollution system may require performing specific "resets" (for example when replacing the components) available in the Self-diagnosis Adjustments page.

If the pollutant emission warning lights in the driver's dashboard are still on after repairing the vehicle and clearing the error memory, try proceeding as follows:

• Perform the required resets several times.

• Clear the errors, even if the error page is empty.

• Turn the instrument panel off for at least 1 minute.

If, even after attempting the above, the warning lights in the dashboard do not turn off, you must go to a workshop authorized by the manufacturer and have the electronic control unit updated/reprogrammed.

WARNING: The makes and distinguishing signs of the vehicle manufacturers included in this document are only provided to inform the reader about the potential suitability of the said TEXA products to be used for the vehicles of the above-mentioned manufacturers. References to makes and models contained in this document are to be considered only as a rough guide.  

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