25/09/2006 Correct system select ion - Abbreviation list

In order to select correctly the diagnosis and/ or the wiring diagram of the Airbag system , the following tables show

the relevant acronyms related to various types of systems which can be selected from the instrument menu

As a matter of fact, it is possible to find abbreviations such as ' ... 2F-2P-2L-2T-I' can be found. They identify the

vehicle airbag system components.

As far as the auto diagnosis is concerned, the inappropriate selection can lead to incorrect readings or absence of

status and / or parameters.

• 1 F only one driver side front explosive charge

• 2F two front charges, driver and the passenger side

• 2P two belts' charges, one on the driver's side and one on the passenger's side

• 4P as 2P with the addition of two more pre-tensioners in the rear belts

• PG Driver side pre-tensioner charge

• PP Passenger side pre-tensioner charge

• 2L two lateral charges, driver and passenger (usually placed in the front seats)

• 4L as 2L with addition of two more Lateral charges in the rear seat

• 2T two charges for curtain airbag to protect the hood during lateral crash, one on the driver's side and one on the

  passenger's side

• G airbag charge for Knee protection

• Charge exclusion switch on the passenger's side (normally key on the passenger's side)

• 21 like I with the addition of a switch (normally in the trunk) for rear seat charge exclusion with arrangement for baby's

  seat clasp

• S Passenger occupancy sensor, on the passenger side seat

• SB clasp/sensor for Baby's seat

• C belt clasp switches


'2F-4P-4L-2T-21-S' shows a protection system with: a Front charge on the driver's side, a Front charge on the

passenger's side, two front and two rear pre-tensioner charges, two Lateral charges integrated to the front seats and

two to the rears, two charges for curtain airbags, two airbag charge exclusion switches.

WARNING: The makes and distinguishing signs of the vehicle manufacturers included in this document are only provided to inform the reader about the potential suitability of the said TEXA products to be used for the vehicles of the above-mentioned manufacturers. References to makes and models contained in this document are to be considered only as a rough guide.  

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