Proceed as follows:

  1. Attach the safety cord to the emergency switch and turn the key to "ON" (Fig 1)
  2. The three warning lights will come on and you will hear a beep, indicating that the tachometer is operating normally. Simultaneously, the fuel pump will activate for 2 seconds.
  3. The control unit will run a check on all components to confirm they are operating correctly.
  4. When malfunctions or faults are detected, the type of error is indicated via the warning lights and specific buzzer sound.

The table of errors is listed below:

LEGEND Engine speed electronic safety governor (ESG)

High speed: regulates engine speed around 6000 rpm

Low speed: regulates engine speed around 3000 rpm

Forced idle: keeps engine speed at idle

WARNING: The makes and distinguishing signs of the vehicle manufacturers included in this document are only provided to inform the reader about the potential suitability of the said TEXA products to be used for the vehicles of the above-mentioned manufacturers. References to makes and models contained in this document are to be considered only as a rough guide.  

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